The Early Career Framework (ECF)

The Early Career Framework (ECF) was introduced in September 2021 by the Department of Education (DfE) to ensure all Early Career Teachers (ECTs – formerly known as NQTs) receive high quality, professional development and support during their 2 year statutory induction.

We have been designated by the DfE as the Teaching School Hub for schools in Dorset and BCP. We are working in partnership with University College London (UCL) to provide the fully funded Full Induction Programme (FIP) for the ECF.  More information about the FIP can be found here

Key Roles for the Early Career Framework

Each school who signs up to the ECF Full Induction Programme will need to ensure the following 3 key roles are fulfilled. 

Headteacher / School Leader

The Headteacher / School Leader is responsible for nominating an Induction Lead (aka Induction Tutor) to oversee the induction and a suitable Mentor to work closely with the ECT. For a full list of responsibilities please see the Guide for School Leaders

Induction Lead (aka Induction Tutor)

The Induction Lead (aka Induction Tutor) is responsible for overseeing the training and school based experience of the ECT as well as a range of monitoring and regular formal observations and feedback in conjunction with the Mentor. For a full list of responsibilities please see the Guide for Induction Lead/ Tutors


This must be someone who is suitably experienced to engage with mentor training, be familiar with the ECF core areas and the Teacher Standards and work closely with the ECT to support their development. Please see the Guide For Mentors

Early Career Framework (ECF) for September 2022

New to the Early Career Framework (ECF) ?

The Department of Education have been contacting all schools requesting their registration on the DfE Online Teacher CPD Service platform and selection of their chosen delivery pathway for the ECF Programme. The DfE invitation will have been sent to the email address(es) registered against the school in GIAS (Get Information About Schools). Full step by step DfE guidance is available using this link

When registering on the platform for the first time it is important to select ‘Use a DfE-funded training provider’ in order to access the fully funded programme. The DfE states “You must confirm your choice of training provider directly with the provider. You do not need to let the DfE know which provider you choose”.

If you are a school who has not yet signed up with us for the ECF and plan to employ an Early Career Teacher (ECT) in 2022 2023, please complete a short form to provide your school details using this link

We will use the information you provide to contact your designated Induction Lead (Tutor) with:

  • An agreement to work with us and UCL so that we can register your ECTs and Mentors for the Full Induction Programme from September 2022
  • Regular updates and necessary actions regarding the ECF and Appropriate Body Services throughout the academic year and be a point of contact for your school
  • Updates and necessary actions re the ECF and Appropriate Body services.
  • The ECF Intent Form to register your Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and Mentors for the Full Induction Programme.
  • Information to ensure that everything will be in place for us to provide the Full Induction Programme to your ECTs starting in September.

 To watch a recording of our Early Career Framework Webinar please click on this link.

Has your School already signed up for the Early Career Framework (ECF)?

If your school has already signed up to the ECF with us, but are planning to employ additional ECTs from September 2022, please provide their details on the DfE Online Teacher CPD Service platform which you will have already registered for. Please ensure you select Cohort 2022 on the platform; we will then receive all your ECT and Mentor information who are starting in September 2022.

We will use this information to:

  • Register your ECT and Mentor for access to the UCLeXtend Platform (the online learning platform)
  • Register your ECT with the Teaching Regulation Agency for the Appropriate Body (AB) Services
  • Allocate your ECT and Mentors to an appropriate training group
Change Of Details or Circumstances for ECTs / Mentors and Induction Leads

Please compete this form to inform us of changes to ECT, Mentor and Induction Lead details, schools and circumstances.   Thank you for your help with this. South Central TSH. 

Statutory Accreditation by our Appropriate Body (AB) Services

As a Teaching School Hub, we also provide Appropriate Body (AB) services as part of the Full Induction Programme.

Our Appropriate Body services are offered at a cost of £150 per ECT per year as this is not part of the funding by the DfE. To learn more about these services please go to our Appropriate Body Services webpage

You can also watch a recording of our Appropriate Body Services Webinar at the following link.

If you have any questions, then please contact us.